About Us


We are a community focused on making the most of our lives, one weekend at a time.


You’re Better Than Brunch is a community exploring how we can live more intentional and meaningful lives. Right now, we do that with weekend adventures, family dinners, and retreats.

In each local community, the host plans and organizes monthly weekend adventures around your city. Sign up for your city here. Every once in a while, we do family dinners, focusing on a single issue with a small curated group of YBTB members. And about once a year, we have a retreat– a weekend dedicated to exploring new ways to live more meaningful lives in more depth. In 2016, it was held in Pawling, NY with 15 people. In 2017, the retreat will be in upstate New York. 


You’re Better Than brunch was created in the Summer of 2015 as a way to meet better friends and do more interesting things than waiting in line for a table, eating $17 eggs and having the same boring conversations. It’s since grown into a community of adventure-seekers across the world. It was started in New York City by Jake Kahana.


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