What We Think

Wake up. Open your eyes. 
You live in the best city in the world and it’s calling your name. 
You may choose to snooze.  
But not us. 
We choose adventure over routine.
We choose friendship over followers.
     We choose generosity by sharing, not sharing by posting.
Our intention is to make the most of our lives one weekend at a time.
Through conversation and curiosity. Through exploration without expectation. And fun without hangovers.
What you do with your weekends and your life is up to you. But it’s your choice.
You’re better than snoozing through life wasting time over-paying and under-appreciating.
It’s time to wake up. Come out and play.
You’re better than brunch.


Past Events


March 2016 - NYC

Living Room Bach. We hosted a living room concert for over 20 people, featuring a violin soloist from The Julliard School. This event was co-organized by Groupmuse.


May 2016 - NYC

Inconspicuous Games launched its first ever event in partnership with YBTB. Two teams competed in the first ever capture the flag game to ever be played at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


October 2016 

Our first Ever Retreat. 15 people spent the weekend in upstate New York to play, explore, and discuss ways to live a more meaningful life.